Canarian Government emergency aid for those with fire-damaged properties

The Canarian Government has announced immediate emergency relief measures for those whose properties were damaged or destroyed in the recent fires. This will primarily affect some 50 properties in La Gomera, though there are some damaged properties in Tenerife and La Palma too. Financial assistance of up to €4,000 is available for basic requirements, and grants of up to 30,000 for properties.

There are conditions attached, of course, such as the property must have been a family home, and there is a minimum income requirement, though this is a generous one of 4.5% the average national wage. There have in the past been complaints about the time taken to supply such promised relief, so we must hope that on this occasion it will be prompt. If your property has been affected, it seems that the aid is being co-ordinated through local Ayuntamientos, so that would be your starting point.

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