Canarian Government evaluation of last year’s new tourism law ready for Parliament to see

The Canarian Government has today finalised its evaluation report into the new tourism law, the Ley de Renovación y Modernización Turística de Canarias, said spokesman Martín Marrero, who confirmed that the principal conclusion was that the law had been successful in its effects. The report will now be submitted to the Canarian Parliament. Once we hear what Parliament itself hears, we will know the detail of what changes might be made, but anyone hoping for wholesale changes, or for the law itself to be revoked, overturned or otherwise emasculated, will be disappointed to hear that the general theme of the report is that the political evaluation of the new law is that it has represented a positive move for Canarian tourism.


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    The 95 law was updated last year, and it’s this updated 2013 law that is currently under review. I think if you read THIS post I made recently, it will explain the situation with regard to Ascav, the law, and the legal position.

  2. There may not be much change with the Ley de Renovacion, but I wonder if the 1995 letting law will be updated to reflect the ‘holiday home’ segment. I thought this was where ASCAV were pushing for change, because neither law currently addresses individual property owners who wish to rent their properties out for short-term lets to tourists. Also, much of the application of the Ley de Renovacion will be determined by the regalamentos, or guidelines, that we haven’t seen yet. There is scope to make these more workable for the different tourist markets, rather than just legislating for the situation as it was in 1995.

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