Canarian Government expresses utter repugnance at latest domestic violence killing in Tenerife

A man has been arrested for murdering his wife in the Ofra area of Santa Cruz. The victim, 60 years old, denounced her husband for domestic violence in 2014, after which he was subjected to a Court-issued restraining order, and only last year again received medical treatment after she was assaulted. Tragically, at lunchtime yesterday, her body was found in the couple’s apartment and it showed clear signs of violence.

The Canarian Government has today issued a statement conveying its revulsion at the latest domestic violence killing in Tenerife. President Fernando Clavijo said that he just didn’t have words to express his feelings, and sent his deepest sympathies to the victim’s family. Along with regional Justice minister José Miguel Barragán the president said that the Government rejected and condemned in the most absolute terms the despicable action that saw a woman’s life brought to an end by her own husband.

“Everyone can help to stamp it out by being involved and emphatically rejecting this type of domestic violence” said Barragán, who called on the public “to denounce and increase pressure on aggressors who carry out this behaviour to hundreds of women and children each and every day”. He also encouraged women in any situation where they felt at risk to seek help instantly from family, friends and public administrations.

I’ve posted many times before now about domestic violence. Anyone who feels in any sort of threat, or feels they’re being bullied, or humiliated – domestic violence legally isn’t just physical – should seek help. And there is lots of help available. Please just see HERE if you feel at all unsure of whether you need help or not – and if you think you might, the chances are you do. If you are British, the Consulate also has resources: please see HERE. The help exists. Please use it.

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