Canarian Government maintains requirement for negative tests to be provided by arrivals from other parts of Spain

Since there was no announcement to the weekend that the system requiring antigen tests for arrivals in the Canaries from the mainland had been extended beyond 4 April, it was reasonable to assume the scheme had been allowed to lapse. Today, however, the Canarian Government has confirmed that it will be extended, and that an Order will come into effect in the next few days.

The measure will apply, as before, to passengers entering the Canary Islands from outside the region, ie from the rest of the national territory, by air or sea. The Government says that taking into account the good results that this protocol has achieved, they have concluded that they must redraft the Order in order to maintain the procedure, based on the legal umbrella established by the national State of Alarm in place currently to 9 May.

Arrivals from the mainland are reminded that in addition, if they’re staying in regulated tourist accommodation they have to present a negative diagnostic test when checking in at the establishment. The specific diagnostic tests for active infection accepted are PCR, rapid detection antigen, TMA. As before, as well, the tests will be refunded for Canarian residents who take the test at the Eurofins Megalab centres approved by the Canary Islands Health Service for this purpose. In all other cases, the passenger will bear the cost of the PDIA, which will have a special price at the centres approved by the SCS.

Do bear in mind, however, that at present there is unrestricted travel only for those islands in the Canaries that are in Levels 1 and 2, and so not Tenerife currently.