Canarian Government starts procedure to collect unappealed illegal letting fines

Those who have been fined for illegal letting and who have neither appealed nor paid may already have had letters from Rita Hernández, the Turismo minister responsible for inspections and fines, setting out the fine recovery procedures. Some will not have received anything, however, and anyone in this group needs to check urgently if they have been ordered to Turismo for the procedures to be explained in person. The appearance must be made between 9am and 2pm, Monday to Friday, in Turismo’s offices in Santa Cruz on the 1st floor, number 35 Avenida de Anaga/Francisco La Roche. Sra Hernández says that failure to appear, or failure of those who’ve received letters to reply, will result in the Government proceeding unilaterally to full legal effect to recover the fines.


  1. Although I have paid my fine, and as most of the owners do not live in Tenerife, are Tourismo going to send these letters to the now empty apartments, or are they going to send them to where actually the owners live, or is this just another way to cream more money out of Investors

  2. Author

    It’s the same system as before. Those who can’t receive letters, or where the letters are delivered, will be published in the BOC which will be taken as official notification of intention to collect the fine, and of requirement to attend to discuss/discover the procedure.

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