Canarian Government updates animal protection legislation

The Canarian Parliament approved on Wednesday the proposal for the Canarian Government’s modification of existing Animal Protection legislation (Ley 8/1991, de 30 de abril, de protección de animales). Parliament unanimously agreed measures which now completely ban any “mutilation”, like ear cropping and tail docking, as well as promoting adoption as the primary means of acquiring animals, and increasing fines and punishments for animal maltreatment. The Government will now consult with animal protection societies, vets and collectives to update the law which has been in force since 1991.

I know that the updating of the Animal Protection law will interest many people, so HERE is a link to allow anyone to check the latest thing that’s happened as this law makes its way through consultation, committee, back to parliament, and onto the statute books. The (now approved) proposal reference number is 9L/PNL-0002 – just enter that code in the main box at the top, or in the one on the right marked “Localizar una iniciativa por su código:”.




  1. What happens conerning a finca that is over run with cats and kittens and the owners think nothing of the cats becoming ferrall

    1. Author

      If you think there is animal maltreatment then you report it to Seprona, details HERE.

  2. This is great news. I know it will probably still be a struggle to get the law enforced but at least it is a step in the right direction.

  3. Does this include the hunters who starve ,beat, shoot and hang their dogs, Also keep them on short chains, a crowded cage or sometimes a cave.Have many more dogs than they are legaly allowed to own. Theses people are the worst abusers.

    1. Author

      They are already covered by the law … as you say “more dogs than they are legally allowed”. The Guardia Civil do act against these people, through their Seprona unit, but it’s not something that’s widely reported, and even when it is, I don’t post about it because the details, and especially the accompanying pictures, are too horrific. Sadly, however, such behaviour is a cultural norm and the police have an uphill task.

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