Canarian Hunting Federation issues formal denuncia to top levels about Guaza mountain stray dog pack

Maybe at last something will now be done about the “Guaza mountain dogs”, the pack of strays which is now wild in the area and has been responsible for various attacks on public and animals over the past four years (e.g. HERE and HERE). Maybe at last something will now be done not just because there is a new mayor, but because a complaint has now been lodged from the Canarian hunting community itself, one of whose podencos was attacked by the pack on Sunday while its owner was hunting on the mountain. Moreover the issue has now gone beyond Arona itself.

Denuncias by the Federation of Hunting Organization have now been lodged, local reports say, not only with the council, but also with the Environmental Public Prosecutor, and with Seprona – the Guardia Civil’s Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza, and with the Tenerife Cabildo, and the Canarian Government itself. The denuncia refers to a dozen or so large dogs who behaved aggressively to walkers, hunters and their animals, and had made the public area a no-go area for safe passage, and made legitimate licensed activity, e.g. hunting, impossible.

The formal complaint reiterated that this was another in what was a series of attacks, and demanded that something was now done. In 2012 the Cabildo had ordered the dogs to be erradicated but had backed down in the face of protests from animal protection organizations. It is likely that they will feel pressure now to find a solution for once and for all.


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  1. Residents at Port Royale, Los Cristianos also have this enormous problem on the large stretch of vacant land beside our complex . In early spring some were removed and the pregnant ones left ??? So it is the same old story without an end. Howling and barking.
    Late at night and early hours in morning they are running along the roads around Port Royale fouling the pavements. We as residents are afraid to have a late night walk with our dogs. Why is it so difficult to put an end to this horror problem .

    May I add at this point : If the government would impose a tax on all dogs there would not be so many dogs around . In Switzerland where I lived many years we had to pay 100 euro per dog per year. A number had to be on the collar. From this money, the council erected stands with plastic ” poo ” bags . The slit on the bin is narrow preventing household rubbish being put in. It could work here

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