Canarian “Import tax” measures still on the starting blocks

Canarian “Import tax” measures still on the starting blocks

I’m asked periodically about a new measure introduced in February by the Canarian Government’s Hacienda minister, Rosa Dávila, which made any online orders worth under €150 exempt from the Documento Único Administrativo (DUA), a customs charge imposed by delivery firms “importing” to the Canaries. Dávila announced the measure to the regional Parliament on 17 February, saying that the Canarian Government would modify the legislative reglamento “this very week”.

Despite the good news being widely reported, however, the measure appears still not to be in force, and people are routinely charged import tax for anything over €22 – the current maximum amount that’s exempt, with the tax sometimes far exceeding the original value of the goods being delivered. What is worse, there does not even seem to be any chance of it being in force in the near future.

The Canarian Government has blamed the political stalemate in Madrid, where the failure of two elections this year to produce a Government has stalled legislation, including the necessary approval of the regional amendment of article 105 of the Reglamento of “gestión de los tributos derivados del REF” (Régimen Económico Fiscal canario). The Canarian Government says that it is nonetheless still working to try to bring the measure into force, with measures officially put in motion in May and announced in the BOC HERE, but as to when they will be processed, let alone come into force, no-one yet knows.


  1. It’s a matter of luck whether you pay this. I won’t use because they do charge it but i have ordered a number of things from which have not attracted the customs tax, the last thing i bought cost nearly €300. It’s a shame that it’s not easy to order things online for delivery here, I have recently tried to order something from Media Markt who have stores here but they dont deliver to the Canaries if you order via their website, nor can you arrange an in store pickup so you dont know whether things are in stock.

  2. Leroy Merlin are the same

  3. I have received goods from Debenhams, quite recently, with no tax. They seem to send the items in individual packets, rather than one large one. These have been delivered by Correos throwing them over our garden wall, no tax charged. I have received everything I’ve ordered, with Correos individual delivery system! I don’t mind, no complaints.

  4. Yes full marks to Debenhams I have encountered the same, I had workmen in at the time and they were very impressed!!!

  5. I received a parcel today from Amazon UK. The Customs Declaration said it was a Digital Camera although it was actually a pair of binoculars. No import tax was charged. They are cracking binoculars as well.

  6. If it is available I try to order from Amazon UK. They often ship from Germany, automatically deduct VAT and add IGIC and deliver rapidly without additional charges. On 3rd Jan I found the same article considerable cheaper on Amazon Spain than UK and ordered it. They did add on IGIC and customs handling charges to the delivery costs. The delivery was held up customs in Tenerife because they required my NIE number. There never appears to be a way of entering an NIE number to the delivery instructions without it appearing on the parcel label.
    I have also learnt that it is absolutely essential to include Canary Islands in the delivery address or it goes no further than customs in Barajas airport.

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