Canarian oxen bring TF5 to standstill as lorry overturns on way to romeria

Photos: Emergencias43.10.

The TF5 was closed in both directions this morning due to animals on the carriageway after a lorry overturned on the El Sauzal bend while carrying oxen to the romeria for Corpus Christi in La Orotava.

The accident happened around 11.30am and images started going viral on social media within minutes. Medical, bomberos, Policía Local and Guardia Civil units, and Cabildo Carreteras operatives were involved in securing the situation, recapturing the animals, clearing the road, and assisting the humans affected.

Thankfully there are neither animal nor human casualties to report, though Emergency Services say that two women, one 77 years old and the other 17, needed treatment respectively for a moderate head injury and a light arm injury. The vehicle’s driver was uninjured and required minor assistance at the scene.

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