Canarian President to Mayor of Arona: “let’s see if you can do anything” as niece sits exam

A further scandal has broken out as part of the Guardia Civil investigation into the Caso Arona, but this time it has nothing to do with possibly illegal classifications of land or illegal granting of licences. Rather, it involves a phone call made, and recorded by the police, by the President of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, to the Mayor of Arona, José Alberto González Reverón, to request help in the President’s niece’s 2008 entrance examination for the Policía Local.

Since the news emerged this week, neither President nor Mayor has been available to comment on the conversation, which recorded the President saying “one of the girls who has applied” for the entrance examination “is my brother’s daughter”. Towards the end of the conversation, Rivero is heard to say “let’s see if you can do anything”.

Shortly after the phone call, Mayor González Reverón contacted the official responsible for the examinations to enquire about the results of the President’s niece. It transpired that the girl had committed “certain irregularities” in her exam and had therefore failed. Even though no influence seems to have been exerted to change the result, the President stands accused of attempting to use his position and connections for family benefit. None the less, legal action seems unlikely because of the privilege of his office, unless the Canarian High Court, the only body with sufficient power, decides to act.  La Opinion

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