Canarian resident travel discount of 75% in place from tomorrow

Updated 28 June: The measure has been published today in the BOE, and so the increased discount willl come into force tomorrow, as usual the day after the measure is published in the Boletín. To clarify a slight confusion about whether the measure applies to ferries and flights, technically the resident discount is only for flights, with that for ferries remaining at 50% BUT the Canarian Government will add its own subsidy to ferry prices to bring the price down so that the discount is effectively 75%. As far as travellers are concerned, flying or sailing between the islands is now a quarter of the full cost as from tomorrow.

Original post 27 June: A measure that will give Canarian residents 75% discount on travel between the islands has been approved and will come into force as soon as the Budget is published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE). Canarian Government Transport minister Pablo Rodríguez says that the discount will be applied through the reservation system Amadeus.

This is a complementary policy to the 50% resident discount subsidised by the state under the EU’s Outermost Regions Policy. This gives ultraperipheral status to those areas of the EU furthest away from the European continent and applies to all travel within Spain.

The SARA system will remain in place. This allows travel agents or carriers to check residence status direct with Ayuntamientos to apply the discount. It should free travellers from the requirement to produce a paper Empadronamiento para Viajar to acquire the discount but functions so erratically that residents are best advised to carry one in any case.

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