Information office for southern train project will be in Adeje until Saturday

Update 3 March: Green activists are celebrating a Court ruling in favour of their appeal against the high-speed train project. The ruling, however, relates purely to technicalities in the process, with particular reference to environmental reports, which will now have to be submitted again, rather than any specific environmental concerns. The Government says, in fact, that it will help, because improvements that were not in the first edition of the project will be able to be incorporated, and that the judgement will in no way affect even the timing of the works, let alone derail the project in the slightest. They criticized the greens, yet again, for trying to put a spanner in the works of any modernisations and improvements in Tenerife, rather than engaging with the processes. PV

Update 1 March: The information office has now moved to Adeje, and will be in the plaza César Manrique from now until Saturday. The plaza is just up from Hiperdino, on the left where the children’s play area is, and will be open between 10am and 8pm.  El Dia

Update 12 February: There is now an information office for the new train in Los Cristianos, opposite the Cultural Centre. Anyone who wants to see the plans for the lines, distances, times, or has any enquiry, can just pop into the office which was visited yesterday by Tenerife President Ricardo Melchior, accompanied by the consejero insular de Competitividad, Carlos Alonso; Arona Mayor, José Alberto González Reverón; and edil de Turismo, Ángel David Herrera.

President Melchior said the train will represent a change in lifestyle for the island, with north and south connected in under 40 minutes in a sustainable transport system. The information office is apparently not fixed, but will move around the different areas to be served by the line. For the moment, however, the office is in Los Cristianos, and is equipped with all sorts of information, plans, photographs, leaflets, concerning the new train. DA

Update 23 November: and now we know what sort of train we’ll be getting … a Transrapid bullet train! Tenerife President Richardo Melchior said that the Transrapid will run at 385 km/h, and silently.  Sr Melchior said that if everything goes according to plan, and negotiations with a German consortium conclude successfully, the deal will be done by the second half of January. PV

Update 25 October 2010: Tenerife Cabildo President, Ricardo Melchior, has announced today that the works for the southern train will begin in 2012. The train will connect Santa Cruz with the south, the project costing just over 2 billion Euros, 70% of which will be funded by Madrid. It is expected to be operational in 2018. During its construction, it is expected to generate some 3,500 direct and indirect jobs, particularly in the much afflicted construction industry.

The project can be seen on the Cabildo’s website HERE, and the individual plans for the route of the train HERE and HERE.

Original post 7 October 2009: The Canarian Supreme Court has rejected Ben Magec’s appeal for suspension of works against the southern train. As a result, the Cabildo will be able to continue the procedures of its Plan Territorial Especial de Ordenación de Infraestructuras. The Green group had aroused business leaders’ fury with its opposition, as posted HERE back in August.

The island Councillor for Economy and Competitiveness, Carlos Alonso, welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision, not least because the matter had now been clarified in the court. Sr Alonso called on the green group to stop opposing everything, especially in areas where wide-ranging consent was difficult enough to achieve. He nonetheless invited the ecological activisits to participate constructively in the various phases of the train project.  Canarias24Horas

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