Canarian transporters to protest against fuel prices and their “illegal” competitors

Canarian transport services will be disrupted on 30 March as a result of a widespread protest being waged by the sector. The protestors’ main focus will be the increasing price of fuel and the lack of control against “the illegals”.

The Asociación de Transportistas de Canarias (Astracan) has said today that the principal problems that affect the Canarian transport sector are now driving a significant number of transport businesses in these islands to ruin.

Among the problems that most harm the legal sector, Astracan says, are the incessant rise in fuel prices, now over the psychological barrier of €1 per litre, an increase of 30% in the last two years.

The association also denounced the increase in illegal transporters, which is pulling prices down and making it harder for legal businesses to make a living. Astracan denounced the lack of effective inspections by the authorities to eradicate what the legal businesses see as pure fraud.

Astracan also denounced the elimination of subsidies over the last few years, despite the sector being a strategic one in the Canarian economy. One thing seems clear, and that is that as times get tougher and tougher, those who operate under the radar are going to find legal competitors gunning for them on an increasing basis.


  1. Does this affect Titsa?

  2. Author

    I don’t know for sure, but the asociación’s page says they represent buses too, as “people transporters”, so at least some buses will be affected. I’ve not heard specific details of which businesses are protesting.

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