Government modifies post-paro help

Update 25 August: Another new measure is the requirement for those at the end of their paro to demonstrate that they had actively sought work for at least 30 days after their benefit stopped, had been registered as seeking work for at least the 12 of the previous 18 months, that they have dependants, and are not in receipt of any other assistance, this last to be proven by certificate from regional Government or Ayuntamiento. The full measures have been published today in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE); they will come into force tomorrow with retroactive effect to 16 August. The entry in the BOE is HERE.

Upate 24 August: The amount of post-paro help might have gone up for those with two dependants in addition to a spouse, but it’s being paid for by reducing the numbers receiving the basic amount. The minister of Empleo, Fátima Báñez, has now announced that the unemployed at the end of their unemployment benefit will be excluded from the extra assistance if they live with parents who are in receipt of income which, divided among the whole family, would exceed €481 per person per month, the so-called “family buffer”. The programme has indeed been extended by the Consejo de Ministros, as expected earlier this week.

Update 21 August: The Government has increased to €450 the assistance given to the long-term unemployed whose unemployment benefit (paro) has ended and who have at least two dependants apart from a spouse/common-law partner.  There is very little information about this at present, so it is unclear whether other conditions will apply, but the Ministerio de Empleo says that there will be a series of improvements and modifications to the plan. The measure will be approved this Friday in the Consejo de Ministros, and will be retroactively applied to 16 August.

Update 15 August 2012:  Despite the gloomiest of expectations given the change of Government and the economic crisis, Spanish Conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has announced that the Government is extending the 426€ post-paro basic 6-month assistance for the long-term unemployed. The announcement comes on the day that the previous scheme expires, and although the format will be modified in a way still to be announced, the basic financial aid remains in place.

Update 23 August 2011: It looks as though the €426 help for the ever increasing numbers of long-term unemployed whose paro has expired will again be extended for yet another six months. It seems it will be linked to “training” … though this doesn’t sound encouraging given recent reports  about high charges being made for training which then doesn’t result in any guarantee of a job. Anyway, they’ll be confirming the details in this Friday’s Consejo de Ministros.  PV

Update 30 July 2010: When I posted the post below, the headline was “Unemployment in the Canaries is now at a record 27.68%, and the highest in Spain”, but it’s no longer the “record 27.68%”. It’s now 29.48%. “Social Alarm” is the headline in Canarias24Horas, and it is alarming indeed, with a further 16,100 out of work relative to the first three months of 2010, and a staggering 44,200 (16.19%) more than this time last year. The Canaries now has 317,300 unemployed, making it almost 9.5% above the Spanish national average of 20.09%. This just keeps getting scarier and scarier. C24H

Meanwhile, Spain’s PM, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has announced that the current temporary programme of €426 a month help for the unemployed whose paro has expired will again be extended for a further six months. The measure, passed by Congress, will be effective from 20 August, but will be backdated to the 16th so as to run consecutively with the current scheme. It is important to note that the extension will be targetted at those who will not be eligible to receive paro after 16 February, and not those unemployed people currently in receipt of it. The maximum period during which it will be possible to receive the 426 euros will continue to be six months. El Pais

Original post 28 April: Due to an administrative error, the National Statistics Institute posted Spain’s unemployment figures on its website yesterday, three days ahead of schedule. Although the Institute says that final figures will still be released this coming Friday as planned, the preview shows that unemployment in the Canaries is now at 27.68%, the highest rate in the country. The Canaries are followed by Andalucía (27.21%), Murcia (23.17%), Comunidad Valenciana (23.04%), Ceuta, Baleares, Castilla-La Mancha and Melilla (all above 20%). Nationally, the figure is 20.05%. C7


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