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From 14 November, this app is compulsory for those coming to Tenerife to stay in regulated tourist accommodation. As you will know, all visitors staying in hotels, tourist apartments or residential properties registered under the VV scheme, must supply a negative covid test certificate before accessing their accommodation (see HERE). The accommodation provider is also required by law to instruct their guests to download the track and trace app: the Canarian Government has confirmed that this is then a legal liability on the tourist with fines of up to €60,000 for breaches of tourism law if they don’t, or if they don’t maintain it active. Please note that not having the right phone doesn’t give an exemption. If you can’t, don’t want to, or won’t download the app, and wish to access regulated tourist accommodation, I would advise either to change the phone or go to a destination outside the Canaries where it isn’t required. One phone per group will be OK because there is a group option as is clear when you click on the site to download the app. 

Updated 30 September: There are repeated calls today for the public to use this app more. At present, it appears, numbers downloading it are low, with only 15% of the public in the Canaries having accessed it, compared with just 13.6% -up in Spain generally. The Government says that the app is safe, confidential, and purely for public health safety. The links again to download it are:

Android 👉

Updated 21 August: Sanidad (Canarias) and the Canarian Government’s Administraciones Públicas, Justicia y Seguridad Department have said that the app is now operative in the Canaries. The Government says that the islands are the first autonomous community in Spain with this tool available for the public, and that the operating system is now integrated with the Canarian Health Service and with the systems put in place to control the pandemic.

Updated 13 August: The covid19 track and trace Radar app is now available for all the Canaries. Anyone who wishes to download it simply needs to click these links:

Android 👉

Updated 8 July: The new pilot track and trace project is now underway in La Gomera. Anyone there can take part in it and download the app from GooglePlay and AppStore. See HERE for the links.

Updated 17 June: Sanidad has announced that La Gomera will be the location for the Covid19 tracking pilot project. The project will start in the next few weeks, with the app monitoring the anonymized movement of people who have contracted the virus and warns their contacts that they may be at risk of infection, thus enabling them to self-isolate to await symptoms or to have a test, and so help control the spread of the pandemic.

Sanidad has confirmed that the app is EU-compliant and uses a decentralized model based on the Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (DP-3T) protocol which is the most respectful of user privacy. When a person tests positive and authorizes it, only the identifiers issued are sent to the server and not those detected from other nearby mobiles, unlike the centralized model that sends everything: these identifiers are encrypted in the phone. In other words, Sanidad explains, the encrypted data matching and risk analysis is carried out on the user’s mobile and not on the server. Health authorities will only be able to access the identifiers generated by the infected person’s mobile phone, not those of their contacts. The app will alert potentially infected people of the possibility and provide them with information on how to proceed from there.

Sanidad says that La Gomera was singled out for the pilot project because its tourism results in a mix of local and tourist populations, and is an excellent example of public collaboration contributing to the success of the pandemic’s control. The island’s cabildo and ayuntamientos have also committed to promoting wide public participation which will be conducive to obtaining a good sampling with sufficiently reliable results.

Original post 21 May: The Canaries have been chosen for the pilot project of a covid-tracking mobile app, Sanidad has announced. The app monitors the anonymized movement of people who have contracted the virus and warns their contacts that they may be at risk of infection, thus enabling them to self-isolate to await symptoms or to have a test, and so help control the spread of the pandemic. The app is compatible throughout the EU, and thanks to EU-level database sharing, case tracking will help show the status of the pandemic in each region, but the national and regional Governments stress that all data use complies with data protection legislation, and that any identity or personal details of those tracked are guaranteed to be completely confidential. ​


  1. Does anyone know the minimum requirement needed to run the Radar App on a smartphone not iOS device?

  2. does every 1 need a smart phone for radar covid app orisit 1 between a couple

    1. Author

      If you look at the link I have provided you with you will see that you can put more than one person on one registration on a phone.

  3. Thanks for your help

  4. Googling that error message it seems to be a common problem with several suggested remedies:

    One is to go to the settings, click on ‘battery and performance’ (or similar) and, within that menu, click on ‘savings battery in apps’ and enable the app to run at all times.

    The second is disabling and re-activating the COVID-19 exposure notifications , which you can find within the Settings menu, in the Google tab.

    Third is to uninstall it and reinstall it.

    And if all else fails use the standard IT solution of shutting down and restarting the phone!

    1. Author

      and ultimately, get in touch with the organizers direct if the problem remains.

  5. No not an automatic checker, I virus check manually now and again.

    The message I get is: No funciona correctamente. Error al cargar nuevos datos de infeccíon

  6. Odd then. Do you have a virus checker that might be stopping the app accessing the internet?

  7. Thanks Chris my mobile data is on all the time too

  8. Bluetooth is only used to measure proximity to other phones.

    You need a data connection as well to get information about which phones might belong to people that are infected. For that you need wifi or mobile data to be on and connected to give internet access.

  9. It doesn’t connect even though i’ve got bluetooth on. Constantly receive notifications can’t connect, cant download data!

  10. Hi,Janet.
    Would just like to say thank you for the info on the track and trace app.
    I didn’t know there was one,I haven’t seen anything advertised about it.But thanks to your post and link I’ve been able to download it.Thanks for doing such a great job and keeping people like me up to date.

    1. Author

      marvellous, Neil, thank you for the comments but I’m glad to have contributed to the app’s success!

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