Canaries’ first Psycho-educational Centre has opened in Santa Cruz

The San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santa Cruz inaugurated yesterday the Canaries’ first Psycho-educational Centre for adults between 17 and 64 with intellectual handicaps, and behavioural and mental disorders. The Centre aims to improve the quality of life both of the sufferers and their familes.

The new centre is large, of around 3,000 square metres over three floors, and with around 40 beds for residential patients. Its opening, at lunchtime, was attended by the President of the Canarian Government Paulino Rivero, and the Tenerife Cabildo President Ricardo Melchior, among other notables.

Sr Rivero said that if things were simply valued by their budget or size, the new centre would never have opened, but its existence showed how far the Canaries had come in developing a more just and egalitarian society, and one in particular that had come to realize the need for such patients to be treated with the dignity they and their families deserved.  El Dia


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