Canaries first region in Spain to introduce emergency payment for vulnerable families suffering hardship during State of Emergency

Updated 20 May: It has been clarified today that the Canarian Government will accept applications for this emergency payment even from people who are not legally resident here. The minimum requirement is that someone is registered with their ayuntamiento. The payment can be applied for by anyone even if claiming redundancy or unemployment assistance. HERE again is the link for detail on how to claim, but the bottom line is that if you can fill out THIS form and print it out, and take it in to one of the registro offices (a SAC office, the Cabildo – basically check with your local council), you will be able to apply even if you haven’t registered with the police and so aren’t technically a legal resident.

Updated 23 April: The regional Government has reminded the public that its one-off emergency payment, the Ingreso Canario de Emergencia, can be requested by some applicants from this coming Monday, 27 April. The amounts available are €367.02 for an individual applying for themselves; in a household with two individuals the amount will be €415.30, €453.94 for a household of three, and €478.09 for a household of four.

Applicants must be over 18, on their local padrón, and have no other income such as paro, nor be subject to an ERTE, though some municipal grants and social assistance packages for the vulnerable won’t disqualify applicants. In the first phase, from Monday to the following Monday 4 May, families with two or more children can apply, as can single-parent families: from 5 to 11 May families with just one child can apply; and from 12 to 27 May all other applicants may request the payment.

Please note that this is for the very poor and socially vulnerable: no-one with assets over €50,000 will be eligible. Applications are made either through digital certificate or 012. Anyone who can do neither should approach their local Ayuntamiento.

Original post 17 April: The Canarian Government has approved today an emergency payment for 38,000 families in the islands supplemented by a two-month rent holiday for some 17,000 families in state-provided accommodation that British readers will most easily understand as “council housing”. The one-off emergency payment, amounting to between €367 and €478 depending on the numbers in a household, will be paid next month to families considered to be in a situation of poverty or vulnerability as a result of the covid19 outbreak.

The Canaries will become the first autonomous community of Spain to establish such an assistance payment which is envisaged as a bridge to help until the introduction of a minimum guaranteed income, something the national Government is currently trying to set up. The Canarian Government says that the regional emergency payment is estimated to cost the authorities over €5m, and will be able to be applied for telematically if the applicant has a password for that procedure, or by phone through the Canarian Government’s 012 helpline.  

The decree will come into force a week today, Friday 24 April, and applicants will be able to apply from Monday 27th. Ayuntamientos have been drafted in to assist in the procedures so anyone who considers they might be eligible, and who has no electronic signature nor can ring 012 should be able to approach their council for assistance.

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