Canaries have not only highest, but also highest long-term, unemployment in Spain

It has been known for some time that the Canaries have the highest unemployment of all Spain’s regions, but figures now released show that they also have the highest long-term unemployment in the country. It’s not a table that the Canaries will want to head, but almost 9% of Canarians fall into the group of long-term unemployed, defined as a period of at least one year without work, virtually double the national average of 5.3%. In real terms, this means that almost 100,000 of the islands’ inhabitants have not worked for more than 12 months.

The figures were published yesterday, and come from a study carried out by the Association of Large Businesses and Temporary Work (Agett) and the Centre for Economic Predictions of Madrid Independent University (Ceprede). Nationally, out of a total unemployment of 4.1 million, the long-term unemployed now count for 1.2 million, 29.5%, compared with 20.6% a year ago. The figures also confirm that 68% of the jobs lost to the long-term unemployed have disappeared since the third quarter of 2007, i.e. during the present economic crisis. The Government says it is doing everything it can, including financial and fiscal stimulus packages, to get Spain working again.  Diario de Avisos

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