Canaries’ 2009 unemployment worst in Spain

26.91% was the final level of unemployment in the Canaries at the end of 2009, with Santa Cruz de Tenerife province specifically having 24.2% out of work. According to the National Statistics Institute, the Canaries ended 2009 with a frightening total of 293,800 people unemployed, giving the islands the highest rate of unemployment in Spain. In terms of annual increase, Spain’s unemployment figures rose 34.87% overall, with the rise here slightly below average at 31.43%, but that rise has left the islands’ 26.91% far above the national average of 18.83%, and puts the Canaries at the head of the table of the country’s unemployed.

Canaries 26.91%
Andalucía 26.33%
Ceuta 24.57%
Valencia 22.56%
Murcia 22.47%
Melilla 21.68%
Extremadura 21.26%
Balearics 19.54%
Castille La Mancha 19.23%
Catalonia 17.01%
Madrid 14.68%
Asturias 14.24%
Castille y León 14.15%
Rioja 13.67%
Aragón 13.29%
Galicia 12.88%
Cantabria 12.63%
Basque Country 11.75%
Navarra 10.53%

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