Canaries one of Spanish regions with highest losses of businesses due to the economic crisis

The economic crisis has seen the loss of 125,421 businesses in Spain since December 2007, according to a study published yesterday by the Asociación de Grandes Empresas de Trabajo Temporal (Agett), and the Canaries is the third hardest hit area in the country. In the table, 7,569 businesses have closed in Murcia (-16.1%), 22,830 in Comunidad Valenciana (13.8%), and 8,669 in the Canaries (13.4%).

The report also shows that the Canaries is one of just three autonomous regions which has not seen an increase in numbers of businesses since July this year. The other two are Madrid and País Vasco. Construction, along with civil engineering, are those industries which have suffered the most, and lead the field in lost jobs.

At least there are indications generally, if not in the Canaries, of some early signs of recovery for the Spanish economy. El Dia

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  1. This figure doesn’t surprise me in the least, presuming that it is an overall figure which includes every, single, little, tatty bar etc. When we first came to live here 23 yrs ago I said it reminded me of what I’d read about San Francisco in the gold rush days. Businesses were forever opening up and closing down as life shifted and things grew and changed. This still happens to some extent.

    Also, let’s be honest, there are far too many English bars, for instance. A fellow blogger recently noted that on a trip around bars in the south Spanish/International ones were busy, whilst English ones languished. This is not to disrespect the good ones (whatever turns you on!) but far too many people have come over from UK in past years, thinking they would open a bar in the sun and the business would flow in without any necessity to work. I’ve seen it time and time again, and I mention this because I come from UK, but I know it happens in other ex-pat groups as well. Creating and running a business needs just as much attention,hard work and initiative here as it does in northern Europe. The fact the sun shines doesn’t mean you can take lots of time off, drink the profits or not do anything to make people want to use your business.

    I don’t mean to imply that the crisis isn’t serious, as you know I was “laid off” myself, but there will be a sense in which it will be survival of the fittest.

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