Canaries, Tenerife and municipal election results 2015

(photo: EquipoClavijo)

After yesterday’s elections, the nationalist Coalición Canaria party continues in power in the regional Government, but only just! The CC won 17 seats with the PSOE (socialists) very close behind with 16, the PP (conservatives) with 12, and Podemos – the new Spanish indignado force – 7, better than anyone might have expected. There will have to be moderating pacts and agreements to govern successfully with no one party having a clear mandate. For the moment however, the Canaries has a change of president but only because former President Rivero (CC) was deselected (link): it is his replacement, Fernando Clavijo (above), who is now the Canarian president.

In terms of provinces, the PP have lost control completely in the eastern islands where they formerly held considerable sway – clearly the winds of change are blowing here. In Tenerife specifically, the CC held onto power in the island Cabildo, with Carlos Alonso re-elected as president. Locally, in the municipalities, the continuity vote sees the PSOE very easily back in power in Adeje and Guía de Isora, good news for those two flagship boroughs.

In Arona, many will be weepingly grateful to the public for their vote for complete change which has resulted in the CC being swept from power. The party, which remains mired in corruption charges in the courts, had seen several leading councillors jump ship to other parties to try to salvage their political careers, a tactic which failed to work for one of these, former deputy mayor and environment councillor responsible for the state of Arona’s beaches, Antonio Sosa. He had formed his own party, Unidos con Arona, which failed to get a seat.

The vote for change in Arona saw the anti-corruption CxA party boosted from 1 to 3 councillors, and  the PSOE largely sweeping the board with their 5 councillors boosted to 12. Let’s hope that Adeje and Arona can now move forward as one with combined good management and a coordination that simply wasn’t possible before.

For the other boroughs, HERE is a link to all municipal results in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife province.



  1. Author

    I can’t speak for San Miguel … the only actual personal experience I’ve had has been in Arona, Adeje and Guía de Isora. This is something to take up with anyone who’s canvassing for your vote in future though! Of course they should be trying hard on a personal level as, as you say, they do in Adeje … and I agree, they’ve got it about as right as it can be got!

  2. Where were the candidates canvasing for votes, certainly not in the Amarilla and Golf area,s ? where I as a expat reside and had the right to vote for a party .No good just having posters at various places, faces are the best sellers of party politics and getting to know what a party cares and concerns about in Spanish and in my case English that is how you get the interrelations of people working. Not just bill boards Adeje seems to have got it as close to that so it seems.

  3. Excellent, let’s hope things really turn around for Arona now! Well done to CxA, and to Arona too for using their vote!

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