Canaries third highest rate of domestic violence

The Canaries has the third highest rate of domestic violence in the Spanish regions with 75.56 cases per 10,000 inhabitants as the tally for 2011, says the Observatorio contra la Violencia Doméstica y de Género con sede en el Consejo General del Poder Judicial (CGPJ). Only the Balearics and Murcia have higher rates with 79.51 and 79.15 respectively per 10,000. The national average in Spain is 56,05 per 10,000, information collated from the 106 Courts dedicated to domestic violence cases throughout the country and the 355 Courts with shared jurisdiction. I have recently added THIS page to the Your Rights tab at the top: as I say, “women in this situation are not alone. Don’t suffer when help is at hand.”


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