Canaries to feel indirect effects of edge of hurricane Humberto over next few days

Image courtesy of the National Hurricane Center
Image courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

A range of meteorologists, from Aemet to the National Hurricane Center, are forecasting a bit of a rough weekend for the Canaries as we feel the indirect effects of hurricane Humberto, the first hurricane of the 2013 season. Humberto has been forming as a tropical storm over the past five or so days off the coast of Senegal, and achieved hurricane 1 strength yesterday. Currently it is just north of Cape Verde and veering west to start its journey over the Atlantic, but we could feel some of its winds, and have some of its rough seas, over today and this weekend. It might also get a little more tropical over these next few days, with warmer humid weather and some rain, the effects of being at the very edge of the hurricane as it passes. Meteorologists are adamant that we will not be directly affected by Humberto at all.

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