Cancer charity event in aid of Breast Cancer Care UK and Amate Tenerife raised over €1000

Updated 20 September: I’m very pleased to update this post with the news that the August cancer fund raising event in memory of Theresa Edwards’ mother raised over €1,100 Euros. Theresa and her husband George say they are still adding to it. Congratulations to all concerned in such a marvellous outcome!

Original post 13 July: I’m happy to help spread the word about a forthcoming charity event in Abades on 5 August being organized by Theresa and George Edwards. Theresa says “We have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of local businesses that we always support. We thought that most would say ‘no’ as there looks to be a lot of regular public charity events that they donate to as well. Additionally, we have also had some quite large donations to our Just Giving account which currently stands at over £365. I am hoping to easily exceed my personal target of £500.”

Theresa’s mother died ten years ago from breast cancer, and the event is in her memory. Monies raised will go to Amate Tenerife and Breast Cancer Care in the UK. There will be a good selection of food and beverages available, and those with special dietary needs just need to let Theresa and George know beforehand. The couple says there is “no need to bring anything along with you. Instead, please make a donation either on the day or beforehand. There will be containers for making donations to each Charity present on the day. At the end of the event, for reasons of accountability, we shall be counting all donations alongside the last few guests to leave.”

On the day there will be a donated prize to each family/individual thanks to local businesses supporting the event  … and there will also be a Tenerife Pearl necklace for the lucky individual who finds it in one of the balloons! Two final things: anyone who wishes to make a donation in advance can do so HERE for Breast Cancer Care in the UK, and Theresa asks all those attending to bring plastic bottle tops with them because they collect them to help disadvantaged/disabled children in Tenerife with various medical needs etc.

The full details for the event are HERE, and although the link will only be visible to those already invited, anyone interested in joining in should just contact Theresa either on her Facebook page HERE or by email to the dedicated event address

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