Candelaria Ayuntamiento reopens Playa de Punta Larga after tests show water ideal for bathing

Updated 22 August: Candelaria Ayuntamiento has reopened Punta Larga beach this lunchtime. The council says that the latest water analysis carried out by the Canarian Government’s Servicio de Inspección Sanitaria y Laboratorio show it is optimal for bathing. The initial problem appears to have been a blockage in the municipal water treatment plant caused by an accumulation of sewage. The problem has now been resolved.

Original post 20 August: Candelaria Ayuntamiento has said that it has closed the municipality’s Playa de Punta Larga due to the discovery of ‘faecal remains’ next to the bathing area. The council says that the origin of the remains are unknown and an investigation is underway. Meanwhile, the beach has been closed, with lifeguards hoisting a red flag to warn bathers that the beach is closed. Samples have been taken for testing and analysis by the Canarian Government’s Sanitary Inspection Service and Laboratory.

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