Candelaria municipality opens first park in Tenerife specifically for dogs to run free

Candelaria municipality is leading the way on the island by providing a space specifically for dogs. Throughout Tenerife dogs are not allowed to be let loose, and there is nowhere on the island where they can legally run free, or at least there has been nowhere until now.

The 5,000 square metre space provided by Candelaria Ayuntamiento is designated for the specific use of the 5,881 dogs registered in the area, and is located in the Punta Larga part of the town, near the roundabout junction with the TF1. It has been divided into two separate areas, one for small and medium sized dogs, and another for large dogs and those designated as “potentially dangerous”.

Owners are advised that opening hours are between 7.30am and 9pm, every day of the year, and that they are responsible for the conduct of their pets, including cleaning up after them and ensuring that they muzzle dogs which are required to wear them, i.e. large and potentially dangerous ones. Two express prohibitions exist for bitches in heat, and spiked collars.

This is a park for dogs registered in Candelaria municipality, so not open to anyone from outside the area (nor to those in the area who have not registered their dogs), but it’s a clear step in the right direction. Let’s just hope that other Ayuntamientos follow suit. El Dia

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