Candelaria water problems worsen as public gardens and beach showers have supplies cut and public is asked to rein back usage

Candelaria Ayuntamiento and water company Aqualia are carrying out works in the area as announced HERE, for example, but today the local problem has clearly exceeded any regular remedial works and the council has advised the residents of Caletillas and Punta Larga that they can expect more significant loss of drinking water. This will particularly affect those with apartments above the ground floor, and those in buildings without reserve tanks or pressure mechanisms.

Aqualia says that the problem is caused by the low levels of water in the Caletillas deposit, a single-tank deposit which feeds the areas affected. This has been exacerbated by what the company calls “the persistent and precarious situation of water availability in the Güímar valley”. Further problems have been caused by occasional breakages in the municipal supply network, as well as increased usage by the public during the summer.

Works are now ongoing to try to improve the supply system to increase flow to those areas with reduced or no supply, and the company and Ayuntamiento say they hope the the situation will improve quickly, but they have meanwhile cut irrigation to public gardens and beach showers. They are also considering making regular cuts at night to try to preserve water, and have asked locals to use water moderately and responsibly.


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