Carnaval 2020

Updated 11 March: The best laid plans and all that …

All carnival events have been cancelled by order of the Canarian Government. This is part of a package of measures announced this afternoon after an extraordinary session of Government chaired by Canarian President Torres. Councils like Arona, Candelaria, Granadilla, and Santiago del Teide will say they’ve decided to cancel carnival – Los Cristianos’ carnival was due to start tomorrow – but they have no choice under this Government order.

Updated 5 March: Crispin might have been burnt to a crisp now that the burial of the sardine is done and dusted in the Santa Cruz Carnaval, but some other places’ carnivals haven’t even started yet! The main one perhaps in the south is Los Cristianos, and the council has published the programme HERE for the events between 12 and 23 March. Even before then, however, Los Gigantes’ carnival starts tomorrow and lasts until the 9th: the programme is available HERE.

Updated 10pm: And in the end, weather conditions have won, at least for tonight. Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento has said that events and public activities in the Santa Cruz Carnaval have been cancelled from midnight. Meetings will take place from 7am tomorrow morning to try to ensure the day carnival goes ahead, but obviously the weather will be the determining factor and we will have to wait until the morning to find out about tomorrow.

Updated 22 February: Puerto de la Cruz has announced that the town’s carnival events have been cancelled for the whole weekend because of the severe weather warnings from Aemet and the Canarian Government that are in place from 9pm tonight. There is no equivalent announcement from Santa Cruz, at least not at present.

Updated 20 February: Tenerife now has its new Reina de Carnaval, Sara Cruz Teja, chosen last night as carnival queen from 16 candidates. She was wearing the fantasia Sentir (Feeling), designed by Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra and representing Alcampo La Laguna. All eyes now turn to tomorrow’s opening parade where Sara and her four Ladies in Waiting (the four runners up) will join groups, dancers, floats, and much more to welcome the carnival to its second half, the outdoor party that will now take over Santa Cruz for the next ten days.

Photo: Canarian President Ángel Víctor Torres

Updated 19 February 2020: Santa Cruz’ Carnaval has been taking place since the end of January, with murga and dance groups competing indoors, but from now the carnival enters its most famous phase, with the crowning of the carnival queen tonight in the Recinto Ferial before events move out into the streets with the opening parade on Friday, the main Coso parade the following Tuesday, and then the burial of the sardine on Wednesday, and the big party to close the carnival on Sunday 1 March.

In between there are any number of events and Day Carnivals, and the full website for the Santa Cruz carnival can be viewed HERE, with the daily calendar HERE. Other big carnivals in Tenerife are Puerto de la Cruz (7 Feb-1 Mar), Los Cristianos (12-23 Mar), and Los Gigantes (6-14 March).

Original post 1 October 2019: Once again we’re looking ahead to Carnaval, with the poster unveiled tonight for Santa Cruz 2020. It’s this one, designed by Javier Nóbrega, for a carnival based on the theme of the Flirty Fifties (Los Coquetos Años 50). The poster was commissioned this year, rather than put out to public competition, and it even has an animated version HERE! The full website for the carnival, which takes place between 1 February and 10 March, is HERE, containing the full programme HERE and the daily calendar HERE.

Other big carnivals in Tenerife during the season have the following provisional dates:
Puerto de la Cruz – 20-29 February
Los Cristianos – 12-23 March
Los Gigantes – 6-9 March.


  1. The link is going through to the 2019 Carnival programme.

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      That’s because the website is still showing the last programme. As I say in the post above, it will show “all details of events and complete programmes in due course”.

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