Carnaval 2021: decision to be made in September as to when it will be but it won’t be in the normal pre-Easter season

It might feel a bit like tempting providence but Santa Cruz is already talking about next year’s Carnaval after this year’s was cancelled, in the end, because of the covid19 outbreak. Even assuming it really does go ahead, however, it won’t be going ahead in the usual pre-Easter season but later in the year. It’s not clear yet when it will be in 2021 but a decision will be taken in September: currently favourite is some time between April and July. One advantage of the later date is that it could allow the indoor events, usually staged in the Recinto Ferial, to be held outside. The theme of the 2021 Carnaval is Carnivals of the World: clearly considerations are heavily focused on the global covid-19 outbreak, even well into next year. 

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