Carter Carson’s family express gratitude for help received during the most terrible time of their lives after the fatal accident in Adeje

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Updated 6 April: The British Consul in Tenerife has received the following communication from the family of Carter Carson, the young boy who was killed in a hit and run incident a week ago in Adeje. The family says:

On Thursday the 29th of March our world fell apart at the very beginning of what should have been a perfect family holiday. From just moments after tragedy struck we had the help and support from so many people and this has continued throughout. We are now taking this opportunity to thank as many people as we possibly can that helped us through this traumatic time. We would like to start with firstly thanking the locals who first attended the scene helping to contact emergency services and comforting us as a family, the nurse from a nearby health centre and the emergency services that attended the scene right through to the doctors and medical staff at the hospital nearby right down to the reception staff who were working tirelessly to help save Carter and to keeping us informed every step of the way. A short time later, Carter had to be transferred up North to Santa Cruz for his treatment to continue in the I.C.U. We would like to thank the ambulance driver and the doctor who travelled with us. At the hospital we would like to thank the group of nurses, doctors and specialists who were on hand when we arrived right down to a mother in the waiting area of the I.C.U whose own little girl was ill offered support and comfort.

While we were trying to process the most devastating news that Carter would not pull through the police were working hard in the background with catching the culprits and we would like to thank them, the eyewitnesses and people of Tenerife for not only catching them but in such a short time period. Also we would like to thank the British Consulate, who have been with the family every step of the way.

We can never thank all of these people enough for everything they have done for Carter and the Carson family we are truly moved and touched.

Updated 5 April: After the second day in Court, the judge has ordered the 39-year-old driver of the car to be held in prison while the full investigation now takes place. The Latvian is imputed (named as formal suspect) on one count of reckless homicide and another of failing to stop and help at the scene of an accident. The passenger in the vehicle has been bailed for the meanwhile: he himself is imputed for failing to stop and help.

Updated 4 April: After their first Court appearance, the driver of the vehicle which knocked down Carter has been imputed (named as official suspect in an enquiry) for the crime of omission of not stopping after an accident and reckless driving. The passenger has been imputed for covering up the crime and also for the crime of omission of not stopping after an accident. The presiding magistrate of Arona Court 1 where the initial hearing was held yesterday has remanded the pair in custody while his investigation continues today, proceedings which will involve statements from witnesses, including Carter’s parents, as well as initial forensic reports.

Updated 3 April: Two men of 39 and 34 will be processed through Arona Court 1 today, says south Tenerife National Police Chief Commissioner Carlos Ludeña. Both men are Latvians (not British or Lithuanian as has variously been reported) who work in the construction industry, and neither has a criminal record (despite some reports of one of them having antecedents): one of the pair is an established resident in Tenerife but the other has only been here a week or so. The police chief was accompanied by deputy Inspector Víctor Secades who confirmed that despite initial denials, the pair have admitted their involvement in the tragic accident.

The Chief Commissioner indicated that he did not know whether a fund-raising campaign to collect money for repatriation of the body and funeral expenses was genuine or not, but confirmed that Carter’s parents were with him at the time of the incident, and that they remain on the island while waiting for procedures to be completed so as to be able to return his body to northern Ireland. He said that further questions relating to the investigation would become clear as the legal case proceeds.

Updated 2 April: I pass this on because I’ve been asked a few times now. There is a crowdfunding collection for funeral expenses of Carter Carson. The page is HERE, and it has been set up by family friend Charlene Dinnen.

Updated 1 April: Spanish Interior Minister (Home Secretary) Juan Ignacio Zoido has said that a second man has been arrested in connection with the fatal accident in which Carter Carson, from Newtownabbey in County Antrim, was run over near the Gran Sur on the evening of the very first day of his holiday in Tenerife with his family. Zoido said that public collaboration has been fundamental in helping police, and he thanked everyone who had assisted.

Updated 4.30pm: As police said earlier, they hoped to locate and detain the driver in the near future, and they have now done so. No details have been released other than it is a man from San Isidro. He is now in custody, as is his car, which turned out to be an Alfa Romeo 145 that was found at the Adeje football grounds near El Galeón secondary school by an off-duty National Police officer.

Updated 31 March: Police say that they have located the vehicle which ran down and killed the little Irish boy on Thursday evening. It was found just a few kilometres from the scene of the accident, and police are confident that in the near future they will locate and detain the driver, who will have several offences to face. Police offer condolences to the family of the child, and say that the person who killed him will receive justice.

Updated 11pm: It is confirmed tonight that this little boy, said now to be an Irish child on holiday in Tenerife, has died in Candelaria Hospital from the injuries he received in the hit and run last night. This is now no longer just a search for a runaway driver, however bad that might be of itself, but something tragically far more serious.

The car involved is a reddish small car. Last night it was thought to be a Fiat Punto but tonight it seems more likely to be a Volkswagen, probably a VW Golf. It seems to have black wheels, a broken rear light and will now have damage to the front. Call the Adeje Policia Local on 922 756 230, ask for the Unidad de Atestados (Reports Unit), the Guardia Civil on 062, the Policía Nacional on 091, or Emergency Services on 112.

To confirm where this happened, in case it helps anyone identify anything, it was in Calle Dublin near the Gran Sur: it is identified on this map.

Original post 30 March: Police are calling for help to locate the driver of a car involved in a hit and run accident last night, Thursday 29 March, in calle Dublín, Adeje, near the CC Gran Sur. Emergency services say that they were called out around 8.30pm with reports that a child of around 10 years of age had been knocked down, and that the driver of the vehicle concerned had sped off. The child was transferred with multiple injuries to Hospiten Sur where his condition is said to be serious. Meanwhile police are asking for anyone who knows anything to contact them. The car involved is a Fiat Punto or similar, a reddish colour, and seems to have a broken rear light. Call the Adeje Policia Local on 922 756 230, ask for the Unidad de Atestados (Reports Unit).


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    There is no indication that they hadn’t. The delay in them returning is “procedural”, which could mean a range of things but will include death certificate, possible cremation or embalming for repatriation for burial in the UK. The crowd-funding site is supposedly a friend, not family, and there is no suggestion that there was no insurance.

  2. Can’t understand how a family with children doesn’t take out adequate travel insurance in case of tragedies happening on their holiday.

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    The “British arrests” are very widely rumoured and could very well be correct. I have one good authority, however, for “Eastern European” (specifically Latvian) and this is the reason I haven’t posted any identification like is … until I can get confirmation it’s just “two men under arrest”.

  4. Such a terrible time for the family

  5. This is a verry horible thing that happend i hope they find the driver and lock him up and throw away the keys…….

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