Cayuco carrying 41 African immigrants arrives in Los Cristianos

A cayuco carrying 41 adult males was spotted four miles to the south of Tenerife off Montaña Roja in Granadilla municipality at 7.30 this morning. It was intercepted by Lifeboats and Guardia Civil and towed to Los Cristianos. Two of the occupants have been taken to El Mojón hospital, the new public hospital in the south just up the hill from Los Cristianos.

Numbers of these craft arriving in 2009 are halved from last year, and none came to any of the Canaries in all of April and May. The Government argues that this is because of the new advance alert system, Sistema de Vigilancia Exterior (Sive), as well as publicity and anger in Africa at the mafias who organize many of these crossings, particularly in the wake of an appalling tragedy in February where 26 immigrants, many of them children, drowned after their patera capsized just off the coast of Lanzarote.  El Dia

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