Cayuco with 72 immigrants on board arrives at Los Cristianos

Photo: Emergencias 43.10.

It’s a rare sight these days in Tenerife, thankfully, but just before 6am this morning a cayuco arrived at Los Cristianos harbour with 72 immigrants from Gambia on board. Emergency services say that all were male, and at least 26 of them were minors. Health teams including Cruz Roja and local health centre medical staff have been attending to the group and helping with assessments. They will now be processed through the usual channels.

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  1. When I saw this a few years ago, again in Los Cristianos I was moved and really sad for the pathetic boat and the poverty of the people. They were attended to and given water in a very humane manner and then transported in a grubby white coach, unlike the bright flashy ones of the tourists off to La Gomera. These people are often duped y ruthless cheats and have had a dreadful journey to what they believe is the land of prosperity.

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