Changes to passport applications for British residents in Spain

There has been a change in the procedure for new British passport applications for those resident in Spain. Currently, the applications are processed via Madrid, but from next Monday, 13 May, they will have to be sent to the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) in Belfast. There is a new downloadable form for applications HERE on the website. The timescale for processing new passports will, apparently, be unchanged, i.e. 4 weeks for renewals, and 6 weeks for new applications or replacements. The helpline charges are also changing, for the better, with charges being reduced: previously, calls were charged at premium rates, but now they will cost only normal international call rates. The number is 0044 300 222 0000.



  1. Last weekend I downloaded in the Internet Café, the forms to renew my Sons passport. They are Form BNO-B (He is 10yrs old ) Are these the correct forms to use? And the address is no longer ips 101 Liverpool? Help please.x

  2. Author

    I’m afraid I don’t know, this is a new press release. The best thing is to click on the link in the post … and no, not Liverpool any more for those living in Spain. It’s been Madrid for a while, but as from next Monday it’ll be Belfast.

  3. Thanks for the speedy reply Janet, my Boy’s passport has become a bit of a nightmare now, due to the new Laws, any chance I can Email you with a brief outline on it? Would greatly appreciate any help or on which direction to go on it. Thanks again.

  4. Author

    The laws are the same Bernie, you just need the application form for the link in the post and to send it to Belfast rather than Madrid. Follow the steps through on the online form … there are specific references to children’s passports. I don’t see what else I can do, I’m afraid.

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