Charity donations in Tenerife

To complement the Foodbanks item I posted the other day, here is one about Caritas, the principal charity in Spain – indeed the world – a part of the Catholic Church. Here in the Canaries, the regional branch is Caritas Canarias, and it has as its stated aim to help those in need in these islands, and particularly those in social exclusion, whether through homelessness, poverty or illness. There are various levels on which one can help, but perhaps the most common is a simple donation, which can be made through THIS page on Caritas Canarias’ website – these donations are tax deductible.

There are other charities, of course, the main one of which is perhaps the Cruz Roja (Red Cross). HERE is the section of the website for the Tenerife province, which also aims to help the dispossessed and socially excluded. HERE is the page with information about donating – if you click on the link on the right hand side which says Donativos afectados crisis en España you will get a pop-up box showing banks and the relevant account numbers for donations. Donations can also be made direct through the website on THIS page; again, donations are tax deductible.


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