Chayofa to get a roundabout for direct access from the TF28 at long last

Graphic: Tenerife Cabildo.

Arona Ayuntamiento says that after years of local demands, there will be a roundabout at Chayofa. Currently the land needed is subject to compulsory purchase and all paperwork is now in place to complete the initial stages. The works will allow for direct access into Chayofa from the TF28 without drivers having to go all the way up to La Camella as they presently do.  Arona mayor José Julián Mena acknowledged how long locals had been waiting but said that the situation will be changing now over coming months, with the new roundabout at last serving local traffic as needed.

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  1. not their remit but a proper tF1 Chayofa junction is needed far far more than this

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