Chirche Day of traditions 12 July

Guía de Isora has announced the XV edition of its Day of Traditions, held in Chirche this coming Sunday, 12 July. There will be a huge range of demonstrations and exhibitions in the village’s courtyards, houses, streets and square, including wheat toasting, openwork, needlework, dance with singing groups “parrandas”, ironing, coffee roasting, basketry, “bofio” grinding, healer, kneaded and baked bread, wine pressing, goat milking, threshing, everything, in fact, concerning traditional life in a Canarian village.

There will be free transport to and from Chirche by minibus which will leave Guía de Isora (opposite the Guardia Civil) for Chirche every 30 minutes from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.



  1. Author

    Andy the post is dated 2015. There’s one of these events every year but I don’t have details of this year’s yet. As soon as I do I’ll be posting it.

  2. Hello Janet , I am thinking of going to this day in Chirche but are you able to clarify the date/day please as July 12th is a Friday but in the first line it says Sunday,12th? I looked on the Guia de Isora website but could not find any details for 2019.

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