Christmas carol concert in Church Square church, Los Cristianos, 8.30pm this Friday

A multi-national and multi-lingual choir which belongs to the Arona School of Music and Dance will be holding its Christmas concert this Friday, 19 December at 8.30pm in the Nuestra Señora del Carmen church in the main square, Los Cristianos. The female choir has members from Tenerife, mainland Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, Rumania, Argentina and Brazil, and led by director and professional soprano Candelaria Gónzalez Torres, will be performing Christmas carols in the various languages of the group. Choir member Val Whiteside says that the programme will last no more than an hour and will be sure to put everyone in the mood for Christmas! The group is always looking to welcome new members to the choir so if you’re interested please come along to the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos on Monday or Wednesday evenings at 8.30pm!


  1. Author

    It’s inside the church …

  2. Well sitting waiting in square for carol service looks like not happening ah shame

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