Cigarette taxes to go up in 2010 to help long-term unemployed

The Canarian Government is to increase tobacco taxes to raise money for its “plan E”. Paulino Rivero announced yesterday that the scheme is intended to help the unemployed whose benefit has expired and who are not entitled to the supplementary monthly payment of €420 which has only recently been introduced. It is expected that “Plan E” will assist between 5,000 and 10,000 individuals.

The tax increase is the only rise which will be approved in 2010, and its tailored help for the unemployed is closely linked with initiatives to beautify and improve the environment and touristic infrastructure, in which the unemployed will be given work.

The measure is still in the planning stage with the tax authorities, said Sr Rivero, so specific details are as yet unavailable. Cigarettes are going up, however, though smokers can at least console themselves that their money is earmarked for a particular, and particularly good, cause.  El Dia

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