Cirque du Soleil in Tenerife January 2013


Update 11 January 2013: Tickets are available for this from and ticketmaster.

Update 30 March 2pm: Tickets are now available from, servicaixa and priced from €33.

Original post 12 March:  Plenty of notice for this one because it’s just not to be missed. The Tenerife Cabildo is delighted to announce that the Cirque du Soleil will be in the Canaries for the first time ever early next year. They will be performing their globally-acclaimed spectacular “Alegría” in 9 shows in the Pabellón Insular Santiago Martín in Santa Cruz between 13 and 20 January 2013. For an idea of what this amazing show is like, just have a look at the above video. I’ll update as soon as know about ticket sales.


  1. Any info available as regards tickets for this show any day any time.

  2. Author

    Ah thank you so much for jogging my elbow! I’ve updated the post.

  3. The family are going tomorrow (Sunday) cant wait. Lucky Us.

  4. Author

    Let us know what it was like, Pablo!

  5. The reason for the visit in the first place was that our neice has just left school in the UK and has joined Cirque du Soleil after representing GB at gymnastics. She is currently performing with the troupe in South America (Lima) as we speak so no chance to see her but we wanted to see what it was all about.
    The show is held in the Basketball stadium and all the seats have excellent views. Our seats were at the top and its quite a hike. ( I had been forewarned and brought my own oxygen supply but still got a nose bleed) The gymnastics and acrobatics are spectacular and the positions they get into are unbelievable. Trapeze artists are equally stunning. The clowns are in some parts funny but just a bit too much of them for my taste. They got good applause and laughter from most of the audience but for me i was more mesmerised by the strength and agility of the acrobats.
    The lighting is good and the sound is superb. The music polished and the lead vocalist is tremendous.
    I had been looking forward to it sice we booked it in October and although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the “I’m glad I did” feeling it just lacked something and I cant put my finger on what it was. Not critisism of the show by any stretch and I would reccomend it to anyone as a great way to spend 3 hours of your life.
    I can only take my hat off to the skilled and polished perfomances and realise what dedication really means.
    Go and enjoy people.

  6. Author

    What a great review, Pablo, thank you!

  7. Why thank you, it’s a pleasure to give something back.

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