Clash of the Titans remake filmed in Tenerife

Warner Bros has just finished filming the remake of Clash of the Titans in Tenerife. Over the past three weeks there has been frantic activity in the National Park area as Gemma Arterton (playing Io) and Sam Worthington (Perseus) filmed their scenes against the magnificent backdrop of Teide itself, now a World Heritage Site. Filming also took place on the west and north coasts at Icod, Buenavista and Guía de Isora, and will be continued in London, west Wales, Ethiopia and Iceland. A full 20% of the finished film will have been shot in Tenerife, and it is expected to premier in March 2010. Tenerife tourism authorities are discussing with Warner Bros possibilities for pre-release events in Tenerife, which was considered perfect for the filming of many scenes, though the cable car to the top of the peak of Teide will have to be digitally removed. El Dia

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