Class action update

Just to update on the class action. Many will already know that the Government overruled its own lawyers and refused the judge’s suggestion for negotiation. This means that the class action cases have to be heard. Immediately after Alotca discovered that the Government intended to continue with the execution of the fine, an application was submitted to the court to hear all identical cases (same fine and same infractions) in one class action. This was in Court on Monday, but the judge postponed the hearing until 26 September. The outcome will probably be announced a month after the hearing itself finishes – and we don’t know how long that will be.



  1. Thank you jsanet, would of been nice to hear that from my solicitor.

    Why has it been adjourned?

    How long is this madness go on for?

  2. Author

    If you are with a non-Alotca lawyer, Nigel, is it possible that you’re not part of the class action? As far as I’m aware, José Escobedo has written to all his clients who were part of it. As to how long … we can but hope that it will be resolved in September!

  3. Yes I am with jose but he did not tell me of the outcome.

  4. Haven’t had any communication at all about the class action from Jose

  5. Author

    I have heard from two clients who have received their emails, so I can only presume yours is on its way …

  6. I have recently moved to Las Palmas and am very interested in legal issues so I would like to be kept informed.

  7. Author

    We are past this point now, I’m afraid. Could you have a look at THIS post, which is the latest situation, and also HERE for a list of all articles I’ve written on the subject.

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