Clean-up events for beaches, coastlines, barrancos and other reserves and protected areas

Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento.

Saturday 22 June, Playa del Poris – details on the poster.

Saturday 4 May, Playa del Socorro, Güímar – details on the poster, click to see full size:

Previous events and original post 11 September: I’ve posted before now about “clean-up” events where the public join organizers to pick up litter from beaches and coastlines, barrancos and protected reserves, and I hope it has answered some criticisms that no-one ever does anything about debris left behind by bathers or hikers and the like. These clean-up operations are organized by various groups, some Governmental like the Cabildo or Ayuntamientos, others political like party grouping events, and others environmental. The point is that there’s a lot of it going on!

Today I’ve come across two more related to “World Cleanup Day” on Saturday 15 September, and so I’ll start this post with them, and then update it with any others I come across.

Saturday 15 September,  Playa de Los Enojados in Las Galletas, 6-7.30pm. Details HERE.

Saturday 15 September, Playa la Arena to Puerto Santiago coastline, 9am. Details HERE.

Saturday 15 September, Playa de Abades, 10am.2pm. Details HERE.

Saturday 29 September, Las Eras, Arico coast, 9.30am-1pm. Details HERE.

Saturday 6 October, playa Los Balos, El Médano

Saturday 20 October, Playa de Martiánez, Puerto de la Cruz – details on the poster, click to see full size:


  1. I don´t want to be rude but each time we see garbage on the beach, we pick it up and throw it in the right containers. I mean we don´t wait for a special clean up day ))

  2. Viv – Calleo has a need – the Community Church ( Ken ) and team have many contacts – i,ll put word out at Thursday coffee morning.

    1. Author

      You would need to speak to the council. I haven’t seen anything announced but if you have a look HERE you’ll see they’re organized by the council periodically, and there’s a link to other volunteer groups as well which might know. And clearly, if I hear of any, they’ll be posted in the main box above.

  3. Author

    I found THIS on FB by putting “Let’s do good Tenerife” in the search box.

  4. Sarah – tried to find Lets do Good Tenerife on fb – but drew blank – is there another contact point please.

  5. Also residents do clean ups ! Last year a group of about 20 owners on Golf Del Sur . Some who live on Tenerife all year and some like myself who own a holiday home . Spent the morning cleaning the streets , branco and coastal areas and collected in excess of 40 bags of rubbish . It’s just a shame that people fail to use the many bins provided !

  6. I have a group on Facebook called Let’s Do Good Tenerife where we’ve been cleaning beaches for the last 7 weeks once a week if anyone wants to get involved.

    Just a group of people doing their little bit ❤️

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