Clio and Janet’s podcasts … covidcasts and future twitcasts?!

28 May: HERE – crowd control, beaches again, tourism restarts and ideas for saving jobs and getting people back to work.

25 May: HERE – Beaches, pools, social responsibility, the very nature of the liberal democratic social contract, and how the Canaries is paying homage to us and all Canarians on Saturday’s Día de Canarias.

21 May HERE – Today’s pod- covid- twit- whatevercast … the big rush to normal, emergency help, swimming pools, and masks … and drippy sweaty runners … ewww …

18 May HERE – the latest podcast, covidcast … twitcast … just realised it not only stands for two women in Tenerife, or three women in Tenerife as and when it is, but also for a Twice Weekly Internet Talk – cast … and today is fishing, facemasks, border controls & more. 

14 May podcast is HERE – rules, phases, whistling and herd immunity.

11 May Twitcast is HEREThree women in Tenerife this time, as Clio and I are joined by Diana McGowan.

Updated 7 May: I think Monday and Thursdays will end up being the main days we record a podcast, and today’s is HERE. In future, I’ll just put links above (reverse chronological order) as and when they’re done and update the post without further comment. I hope everyone is enjoying these and finding them useful and interesting.

Original post 4 May: Since Clio and I have now established our regular twice-weekly podcasts, I’ll make this post for links to them. We still haven’t decided what we’ll end up calling them! At the moment they’re “covidcasts” but there will come a time when the name no longer applies, we have to presume and hope! We have time, I imagine, to determine the future name and I openly admit I like Two Women in Tenerife (or three women if we have a guest podcaster) … and Twitcast has a friendly feel to it, I think … hopefully no-one will think we are actually twits …

Anyway, HERE is today’s covidcast, and I’ll put earlier links below.

30 April
27 April
21 April
17 April
14 April
9 April
6 April
3 April


  1. You could call it (Dos) Tías en Tenerife….

  2. Author

    now that would be a storm in a (tea)cup … 😀

  3. Or maybe Tenerife Twitter or Tenerife Tweets? I am sure there are some very creative people in your audience

  4. Tenerife Titbits? Oh…. perhaps not…. come on folks, make your suggestions!

  5. Author

    oh dear god! 😀

  6. Tenerife Witt

  7. The Witty Girls

  8. Janet, listened for first time to the podcast (4 May – on beaches, pavement protocol, wizz air etc) and found it very interesting , thank you.
    Don’t know the technical issues but, if I may, I think it would be even better if you were a bit louder and Clio not so loud?

  9. Author

    Thanks Dennis, the first ones were very much trial and error, I think, and now anyway Clio’s able to return to use the actual studio of the council’s radio station – and we have an actual producer too! – so the recording quality will certainly be better than our earlier casts when we were both operating from home!

  10. The Podcasts are a fantastic addition and very informative.

    Thanks very much

  11. I have listened to all of the podcasts and they are indeed useful, Janet. Some weeks, many things change so it’s good to here the clear discussions that you have and hopefully they will mean some people won’t need to raise questions on your other threads.

  12. Interesting question from Clio about driving to go swimming. Unless you know otherwise, I guess we still can’t drive to where we wish to conduct our chosen sport during the sports allocation timeslots… For example, I am not allowed to drive from Adeje to go surfing on the coast. However, I believe I can drive to play tennis or to a gym appointment outside of sporting hours. Do you understand this to be the case? Maybe it will get clarified under President Torres’ review of time slots….

  13. Author

    I think we can drive to the coast to do whatever we are allowed to at the particular bit of coast we’re going to. If a council is allowing swimming I see nothing to stop us driving there for a swim – and that can be, as I understand it, in addition to the exercise we’re allowed out near our homes to enjoy.

  14. I live in Urbanisation San Francisco, 38683.
    I want to drive to El Varadero and walk the sea walk from there to Alcala. I would be crossing over into another municipality….. is this allowed?
    I’m getting mixed messages from various websites.

  15. Author

    no, because exercise must still be done direct from home within your time slot. If you have a specific reason to go to Alcalá that is different, but if you’re just “going for a walk” then that is still under the terms of the de-escalation phases and the estado de alarma.

  16. Have any councils opened beaches for swimming yet?
    Someone told me Los Cristianos harbour beach was open?

  17. Author

    Yes, some beaches are open. Everyone needs to check with their local councils as to what is permitted and on which beaches. Please see 3 May update HERE.

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