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Original photo: Turismo Canarias.

All podcasts have been added to the page HERE which is where all future podcasts will now be posted.

24 May: Today’s CanaryCast is HERE … vaccines, travel rules on the day Spain eases its borders, and of course … Eurovision … 

17 May: A look today at migration from a rather different perspective, the current vaccination situations and schedules, the rush for holidays and why that might be disappointing, and complex/community meetings in a time of covid … and in Eurovision week, there has to be a taste of what we think Saturday’s winning song will be! Today’s CanaryCast is HERE.

10 May: A bit stream of consciousness today HERE, but vaccines, rules approved, rules in abeyance, the Supreme Court, and those missing children … even if I don’t know my Cape of Good Hope from my Cape Horn!   

3 May: Clio and I were joined by Cheryl today to talk about how she managed to get herself and her husband registered as state health system patients here making them now eligible for vaccination … and we talk about the missing children and the Day of the Cross. It’s HERE.

26 April: Our latest is HERE … on the local vaccine rollout – and Karen Cochrane with a brilliantly concise and really important piece about submitting tax returns if you’ve been on ERTE even if you don’t normally need to submit them!  And appreciation of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Oscar for his career-defining role in The Father (though for me he will always be the real Pierre Bezuhov …

19 April: By the pricking of our arm it shall save us all from harm, sorry Mr Shakespeare! It’s all about vaccines today, HERE, with the administrative obstacle course for those privately insured people trying to get on the vaccination schedule here in the Canary Islands. And it’s a year since we started, in fact it’s a year and 16 days! Happy (belated!) Anniversary to CanaryCast!

12 April: What do vaccines, the Grand National and the Eurovision Song contest have in common? HERE‘s today’s Canary Cast!

5 April: Today’s CanaryCast is HERE, with Clio and me discussing Easter excesses and vaccine progress, among other chat!

29 March: Today’s CanaryCast from Clio and me is HERE, quite a serious one looking at rules and regulations as they are now, and over Easter, and thinking about Easter as a time of great meaning and emotion here in Spain, and especially right now …

22 March: Today’s CanaryCast from Clio and me is HERE … restrictions, Easter, and not the ESC … at least not yet! But we can’t help it!

15 March: Clio and I were chatting briefly today about the new rules in place from midnight last night but the main theme for the podcast was to talk to our incredible guest Brigitte Gypen from the Walk for LIfe foundation. Brigitte tells us about another very special and inspirational woman, Hilda, and how and why it’s so very important now more than ever to support this amazing and very worthy charity, whose website is HERE. Today’s podcast is, therefore, a sort of Canary cast ‘for life’! It’s HERE.

8 March: While some of us have been trying to make a fortress out of our home to keep safe in this time of covid, some of us actually live in a fort for real! Today, Clio and I talk to Maria about her home and now new business, the Casa Fuerte at the top of Adeje town. And on International Women’s Day, Clio and I briefly discuss the municipal Abinque Prize. Today’s podcast is HERE.

1 March: On St David’s Day, today’s podcast is HERE, with Clio and me just chatting today, looking at travel restrictions, what’ll happen around Easter, and some music … and naturally a mention of the weekend’s rugby in which Wales won the Triple Crown!

22 February: HERE is today’s podcast where Clio and I were joined by Currencies Direct’s Carol Schleisman. So we’re covering money, bank charges, as well as the new criteria for residents to enter Spain.

15 February: Today’s CanaryCast from Clio and me is HERE, with guest Deepika Harjani. You may remember her when she was the British Consulate’s Brexit Officer and now she’s with Age in Spain. She joins us for the whole podcast to talk about issues of registration, 90 days, and much more.

8 February: Snow, vaccines, blackbirds’ mountain cousins, and wannabe a firefighter? Today’s CanaryCast from Clio and me is HERE.

1 February: The latest (uninterrupted) podcast from Clio and me is HERE, to mark one year since a pandemic was declared and also ask who is buying fake Covid Negative tests … and a bit of ancient Greek history too! Can rule compliance by us all hold off the virus sufficiently to buy scientists the time they need to develop and distribute all the vaccines needed for the variants, just as the Spartans held Thermopylae against the Persian hordes to buy the Greeks time to get their defences in place. We don’t have to die to do it!  

25 January: We’ve had the B word (Brexit), C word (Covid), and now we have the D word (deportation … )! Today’s CanaryCast from Clio and me, “Deportation, vaccination, welcome to 2021” is HERE.

18 January: Level 2, can we keep it down?! HERE‘s this week’s podcast from Clio and me.

12 January: Snowplough and sandwichgate: HERE‘s this week’s CanaryCast from Clio and me.

4 January 2021: HERE is Clio’s and my first CanaryCast of 2021, with connections between the UK and Tenerife majoring in it!

21 December 2020: The last podcast from Clio and me of 2020 is HERE … latest rules, restrictions, covid, Brexit (or not), and three ships from two Celtic women to wish everyone the merriest Christmas and happiest New Year that is possible in these strangest of times.

14 December: Today’s Merry Little Christmas podcast is HERE … covid, Brexit, and more restrictions coming, and Ella Fitzgerald heading to Meet Me In St Louis …

7 December: Today’s podcast is HERE … covid, Brexit and of course Christmas!

30 November: And we’re back! It looks as if the CanaryCasts will have a seasonal element generally so with the first Advent Sunday yesterday, we had to resume with a Christmas CanaryCast! And Clio’s new image, above, is lovely … green for her Irish and red for my Welsh! It’s HERE.

26 November: We are back! Or we will be soon. This is to give an announcement of an imminent announcement! It might be as soon as next week … it will be so good to be back!

1 October: This is from Clio herself, an explanation that I didn’t feel was my place to give, and a reassurance that we’ll be back very soon!

Janet Anscombe and I have paused our podcasts for a short while. Last week I had a long awaited spinal fusion operation which is fairly major, so I’m kinda out of the loop for a wee while, and on sick leave from the Adeje Town Hall. However I will be back as soon as i can be and my colleagues will monitor things. We hope to resume podcasting sooner rather than later too … and there is so much to talk about. Stay safe everyone.

28 September: I’ve had a few enquiries now so I thought it best to repeat (see last update below) that we have had to put CanaryCast on hold for a short while for practical reasons. We will be back as soon as possible, and I’ll update this post with the next podcast as soon as we do it. Just keep watching this website or the Adeje Town Hall page on Facebook or the FOCUS Group Facebook group: we’ll be updating all of them with news of when we resume. It won’t be long!

14 September:  HERE & HERE – school’s back, so is Brexit, and covid’s still here but in the future we mightn’t be because as a species we might be on Mars … & a Spanish-made device for the Mars Rover was tested on Teide last week! And local star Agoney, of course …

We have to put CanaryCast on hold for a couple of weeks for practical reasons. Clio will explain as soon as possible, but just as soon as we can, we’ll be back. Just keep watching this website or the Adeje Town Hall page on Facebook or the FOCUS Group Facebook group: we’ll be updating all of them with news of when we resume. It won’t be long!

7 September: HERE & HERE – the heat is on, not just covid and brexit but a real heatwave, and a forest fire alert. Through September we will be doing just the one a week, on a Monday, unless something important happens … and given what’s going on right now, we’ll all surely hope nothing major occurs! (Sorry for the sound quality but it was a zoom recording with internet interrupted by the weather … apologies!).

3 September: HERE & HERE – education, hospitals, and communication (or lack of!) … and Germany’s decision to put the Canaries on the no fly list.

31 August: HERE & HERE – the heatwave has now gone but the virus remains and is being policed by plain clothes officers now … and decisions about schools still in the pipeline …

27 August: HERE & HERE – collecting the new TIE from the police, the heatwave, and Brexit and the trade talks in view of the Irish Trade Commissioner’s resignation.

24 August: HERE & HERE – forest fires in a heatwave, fear as covid numbers go up sharply, the view from the tourist sector, and how the councils are helping people apply for emergency aid

20 August: HERE & HERE – smoking, masks, conspiracists, confusion, fear … one day we’ll smile …

17 August: HERE & HERE – rules, rules and more rules, about masks, smoking and more … and how some might get a grip, grow up, and learn the difference between inconvenience and oppression.

13 August: HERE & HERE – really quite a bit different today! Clio, Karen Cochrane and me, focused, but not fixated (!) on mental health.

10 August: HERE & HERE –  clouds, stars, rumours and Quarantennials.

6 August: HERE & HERE – more masks, Canarian covid insurance, Swallows and long-term stays, and how La Gomera is bucking the downward tourism trend!

3 August: HERE & HERE – a tiny bit of Covid and Brexit but mainly it’s Tenerife rural life and this afternoon’s Barley Moon! RIP too to John Hume, and a look ahead to a bodega visit …

30 July: HERE & HERE – waves versus tides, Canarian preparations for que va a pasar (what’s coming), the new normal redefined, consistency and clarity in a time of increasing divergence and fraying cohesion … sorry, it’s not the lightest today but it’s keeping it real.

27 July: HEREHERE – the only story in town today, the UK saying the Canaries is a safe destination but making those returning go into quarantine all the same.

23 July: HERE (or HERE) – pateras and playas, and numbers … of covid cases going up and drownings thankfully not going up, and in fact didn’t go up by at least one yesterday thanks to a Callao Salvaje lifesafer! And a new logo too!

20 July: HERE (alternative link HERE) – personal responsibility to balance democratic rights in a public health emergency, more on the new TIE, and it’s been a very hot weekend!

16 July:  HERE (alternative link HERE) – tourism and tourist concerns, yesterday’s island-wide power cut, the Race for the Cure – this year’s Walk for Life in a different way, and the new name for our podcast has been chosen at last!

13 July: HERE – bit of a darker one, perhaps, today … turismofobia, masks, conspiracy theories, patera refugees’ tests and processing … hopefully Thursday’s will be a bit lighter! Alternative link is HERE.

9 July: HERE – a CovExitCast … we’re morphing! Covid19, tourism, and the new TIE as far as we know to date. It can also be listened to on twitter HERE if there’s a problem with the link.

6 July: HERE – a plea to returning tourists, the current heatwave, and the new TIE with details from the Consul for southern Spain and the Canaries herself. If you find the link problematic (I have, myself), it should work here:

2 July: HERE –  Clio’s and my latest podcast … tourism safety measures in a time of covid, the new TIE, and the new Eurovision film … well you have to live a bit, though some might think it’s not life as we know it, Jim (Star Trek reference in case anyone’s unaware!)!!

29 June: HERE – Canarian president proposes new covid test for all visitors to the region’s airports as some ponder if we’re opening up to tourists too soon, and the Parador hotels, and some concerning information about British nationals registering as resident in what’s left of the Brexit Transition Period.

25 June: HERE – the royal visit and a “banana economy” (not a banana republic!), tourism and its future evolution, and how Tenerife lives away from the areas most visitors see. And schools out, for summer! Anyone else remember that Alice Cooper anthem when they were leaving school?

22 June: HERE – tourists return, freedom with controls, and summer entertainment in place of the cancelled season of fiestas.

18 June: HERE – confusion over British visitors, allowed or not? with or without quarantine? thermographic cameras in airports and the massive new national tourism investment … and the national memorial service for all the lost ones, and today we lost Vera Lynn as well. For all of them, we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but we will meet again, one sunny day.

15 June: HERE – next Sunday it’s all happening! Canaries goes from phase 3 to New Normal, estado de alarma is lifted, Spain’s borders are reopening … but not to everyone, and we’re about to get a royal visit too!

11 June: HERE – tourism in the new normal and beyond, sustainability and intelligent destinations, the same way forward from councils to the King of Spain himself.

8 June: HERE – Phase 3, the new normal, tourism, and the lost summer fiestas.

(edit: I’ve found this link problematic so if you do too, try this here: )

4 June: HERE – Princess of Asturias Award, Michael O’Leary, UK quarantine and European travel, Phase 3 and the end of the estado de alarma, and the Law for the New Normal.

1 June: HERE – finger prick covid tests, tourism, phase 3 and the way forwards.

28 May: HERE – crowd control, beaches again, tourism restarts and ideas for saving jobs and getting people back to work.

25 May: HERE – Beaches, pools, social responsibility, the very nature of the liberal democratic social contract, and how the Canaries is paying homage to us and all Canarians on Saturday’s Día de Canarias.

21 May HERE – Today’s pod- covid- twit- whatevercast … the big rush to normal, emergency help, swimming pools, and masks … and drippy sweaty runners … ewww …

18 May HERE – the latest podcast, covidcast … twitcast … just realised it not only stands for two women in Tenerife, or three women in Tenerife as and when it is, but also for a Twice Weekly Internet Talk – cast … and today is fishing, facemasks, border controls & more. 

14 May podcast is HERE – rules, phases, whistling and herd immunity.

11 May Twitcast is HEREThree women in Tenerife this time, as Clio and I are joined by Diana McGowan.

Updated 7 May: I think Monday and Thursdays will end up being the main days we record a podcast, and today’s is HERE. In future, I’ll just put links above (reverse chronological order) as and when they’re done and update the post without further comment. I hope everyone is enjoying these and finding them useful and interesting.

Original post 4 May: Since Clio and I have now established our regular twice-weekly podcasts, I’ll make this post for links to them. We still haven’t decided what we’ll end up calling them! At the moment they’re “covidcasts” but there will come a time when the name no longer applies, we have to presume and hope! We have time, I imagine, to determine the future name and I openly admit I like Two Women in Tenerife (or three women if we have a guest podcaster) … and Twitcast has a friendly feel to it, I think … hopefully no-one will think we are actually twits …

Anyway, HERE is today’s covidcast, and I’ll put earlier links below.

30 April
27 April
21 April
17 April
14 April
9 April
6 April
3 April


  1. If ever I get back to the island I’ll give it a try. However, the way things are going it’s likely to be far too long before I can let you know Janet whether I’m willing to concede the point! 🙂

  2. Having listened to yesterday’s podcast and while having some sympathy with Mencey’s concerns regarding food miles, I was absolutely with Clio on the point of the British (Irish?) sliced bread being the only bread that makes a decent slice of toast. While local fresh crusty bread is lovely, when it comes to toast I have never been able to find an acceptable substitute for a British sliced loaf. 🙂

    1. Author

      I do have to disagree completely! I buy the wholemeal Pan Campeón del Mundo from Mercadona and it makes among the best toast I’ve ever tasted!

  3. Hey, here’s a bit of an update as we discussed the empty shelves in Iceland stores – popped in yesterday and they have, smart thinking, now started to also stock from SuperValu, which is an Irish supermarket chain (so no Brexit border bother) – fresh milk, cheeses, sausages, and more stock on the way. Good work Iceland

    1. Author

      I have to wonder about the sense of transporting fresh milk around 3000 kilometres. Does Irish milk taste any different to fresh milk anywhere else? I must say I feel something is wrong here, although I can (almost) see the point of cheeses and sausages, there being absolutely no local alternatives. (Irony alert)

  4. Great podcast today ladies. I was already doing some research into new charges for money transfers. Now I don’t need to continue .

  5. Well done Clio, that leopard has changed her spots, or as said by Mencey her ‘stripes’. I was able to listen to quite a lot of this podcast – biggest problem was my cats falling out with each other and literally screaming whilst I listened – (or was that me screaming at the cats telling them to shut up?)

    However, as always, a very good, informative chat. Thanks ‘girls’ – keep it up!!!!!!

  6. Janet,
    I appreciate the efforts you put in via the website and the podcasts you two do, they are very informative. I was only trying to improve the podcasts. Clio’s “there is no need or obligation to keep listening” didn’t sound promising! I didn’t realize you two were on zoom. If there’s another time, like when you were trying to raise interesting points about second home owners but were being broken off, perhaps you could raise your hand, as if to politely say please let me finish this point! My work is done here, the podcasts will be even better.

  7. I was just wondering what the potential fine could be for anyone caught with a fake certificate? I hope it would be extremely high.

    1. Author

      Replying to John … undermining emergency health safety provisions – “severe offence” classification so minimum €6,000.

  8. Nigel – Irish leopards can and do sometimes. Give this particular leopard a chance!

    1. Author

      Ah, but Irish leopards have stripes!

  9. Can a leopard change its spots Clio ?

  10. Guys am so glad that the overall feeling about the podcasts is positive – so we’ll keep going and I’ll try to let Janet get a word in now and then…. ha ha

  11. I should perhaps add that when I said “I sometimes lose track” I meant of which one of you is speaking lol, but it really doesn’t matter as the podcasts are great listening anyway. I can close my eyes and it seems like we are in the same room, so your idea that it should be like a conversation is clearly working.

  12. I too really enjoy the podcasts and like the ‘chat’ format and dynamic between Clio and Janet. The more formal interview with the Consul was also very good but a key part of the pull of the podcast is feeling part of what is essentially a conversation. I also have no problem telling Clio and Janet apart and the fact that they are two different characters just adds to the experience. Sitting in Glasgow it makes me feel as if I’m still involved in Tenerife. I also love seeing the photos which are posted on this site by the way. I do really miss the island as well as my friends who are residents. I’m getting so desperate I’m seeking out and recording old episodes of A Place in the Sun which have been shot in Tenerife just so I can see familiar places!

    1. Author

      People, thank you SO much for these comments. They are more of an antidote than you can imagine to the ones on other posts that get deleted and so which you don’t see!

      Thank you!

  13. Personally I really enjoy both Clio and Janets podcasts, they are informal and informative. I think that you bounce thoughts off each other in a great way, perfect foils. You make it feel like a chat between friends that we are able to listen in on.

    Keep up the excellent work ladies…you don’t need to change a thing, your dynamic works!

  14. Clio – As far as I’m concerned I would not want to switch off, I value the advice you both impart to the listeners. No insult intended but having been married to someone originally from Cork I knew if I wanted to get into the conversation I had to jump in PDQ or I missed my chance, but it’s not that easy when you’re in one place and Janet in another.

    Nice to have you back in harness after recent surgery, hope all well now and I’ll be listening tomorrow. Oh and thanks for responding here.

  15. By the way, I will endeavour to interrupt less – but rest assured I am listening to everything Janet is saying as well.

  16. Loud earache fights back!
    Hey guys, we do like feedback and I am going to assume your description of “Irish (louder)” is not stereotype description. Yes, I do tend to interrupt, I agree – however as we started these chats as just that – chats, maybe we forget sometimes, or I forget that we’re recording and broadcasting. It’s also hard to know when someone might be finished ta sentence as there is a zoom time lag.
    For a bit of background if anyone is interesested, our friendship began as a professional relationship as Janet became a regular guest on my radio show, English Time, on Radio Sur Adeje. that grew into a genuine friendship, so we chat a lot even where there is no-one else listening! When the pandemic hit we felt people often found it easier to absorb information by hearing it, so we decided to set up a podcast, first linked to English Time and now idependent. I tend to do the technical side (with my very limited skills) and smetimes go out and record interviews with others and and fire questions at Janet as the informed expert, We try to make it work in a somewhat informal way, but if that leads to interruptions, we apologise, But if it really is giving you an earache there is no need or obligation to keep listening – we do understand if you need to hit the off switch!

  17. Mary – easy, one has heritage of Welsh (quieter) the other Irish (slightly louder) – if that helps!! I had grandparents a Welsh/Londoner married to an Irish/Londoner and I was married to an Irish man for 25 years!! However these podcasts are more than just ‘useful’ to us without the necessary contacts here on the island so please keep them coming during this wretched pandemic.

  18. As I have never met either Janet or Clio, I sometimes struggle to tell who is saying what and lose track with all the back and forth between them. However, I really value the podcasts and look forward to them very much.

  19. We are on a roll here Theresa, that’s twice we agree with each other 😂

  20. Earache – my thoughts entirely, I almost gave up listening to most recent podcast. Hopefully ‘someone’ can pass the message on to Clio who is somewhat the more dominant participant – sorry Clio I have no wish to be rude to you because you both have important information to get across to the listeners, perhaps just give Janet a chance? Thanks very much to both for your time and efforts to keep us informed.

  21. Clio,
    Please stop interrupting Janet and talking over her. One voice at a time is easier to listen to on podcasts, so try keep quiet until it’s your turn.

  22. Thank you Janet and Clío. The next time a property owning non-resident Brit argues with me about their “rights” I can just refer them to your excellent podcast of January 25.

  23. Hi Janet. Great News. I cannot wait for the return of “CanaryCast”. I have missed it so much. Regards to you Clio and hope you are fully recovered.

    1. Author

      If all goes well, it could be Monday! Thanks Mia.

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