Clio O’Flynn and Adeje mayor Fraga are next Ciudadanos Europeos guest speakers

The next meeting of Ciudadanos Europeos will be this Wednesday, 26 November, at 7.30pm in the Guaza Suite in the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre, and I think could be interesting to anyone who lives in south Tenerife because the guest speaker will be Adeje Sur presenter and Callao Salvaje resident Clio O’Flynn.

Clio says that she’ll be “speaking from both a personal as well as a professional level: an Irish woman living in Adeje with a young Canarian born daughter attending public school etc, and as a European working for Adeje council”. She will also be translating for the other guest speaker, Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, who will focus on the “Adeje Convivencia/Adeje Together” campaign which is working to promote and extend the positives of co-existence in Adeje, where over 120 nationalities live pretty much in peace side by side, and how we need to learn from that and increase our inter cultural links and our mutual respect and understanding.

The meeting is open, and as usual there will be a questions and answer session after the talks.



  1. Janet, can I say how well the meeting went and thank Carol Salisbury and her busy committee for inviting us –

    1. Author

      Absolutely, I’m delighted it went well!

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