Clipboard scammers at it again

Seemingly the clipboard scammers are at it again. Shoppers in Las Chafiras are reporting being approached by someone asking for a signature for something, and while the victim reaches for the clipboard, their bag is grabbed. This sort of scam happenns around this time every year, and it’s happening again now. Do be careful.


  1. There was a youngish lad outside Mercadona in Chafiras this afternoon with a clipboard, thought it was an odd thing to have when we passed them. His ‘friend’ who he was arguing with when we walked by was sitting down.

  2. Author

    As I say in the article, legislators have to draw the line somewhere for administrative purpsoses, and I think we’d all draw the line differently. I guess if it were €200 then the Courts would process more, but it wouldn’t necessarily help because they are already too congested to process the cases they have to deal with in a sensible timescale, and the prisons have a capacity …

    I think it’s an impossible situation, but one that I recognize from the UK as well, and no doubt elsewhere too.

  3. Janet i have seen your article before, and the police do a great job,the two Romainians that i caught,have a string of offences against them,but no-one has had over 400€ on them,so the police can only record it and they get a slap on the hand and sent back out to carry on thieving,There were two undercover police working by Los Cristianos bus station (one a friend of mine) and they were chuffed,including the inspector at the police station, that these two will finally have a police record against them.
    If the law was say 200€ i am sure the police would have “LESS” work to do as these repeat thieves would all be behind bars or deported!!

  4. Good news…………. two Romainians tried to pick “MY” pockets in Hipodino in the Opollo centre yesterday,I got them arrested and went to court today and they were both found guilty and given a two year suspended sentence each.The daft law here is, it has to be over 400€ before the court will do anything.(I had over 400€ on me).The guy was 40ish about 5ft,5ins tall,stocky build,very short hair and his legs were weird looking,like knobbly,the woman was 30ish about 5ft tall very thin with shoulder length hair(very light blonde).

  5. Friend of mine was robbed in Mercadona, Adeje… whilst paying with his card a woman asked if he’d dropped a €5 note. He bent down to pick it up and thanked the woman… upon leaving the store a young girl approached him saying it was a mistake and that money was hers… later, thinking about it he couldn’t remember taking back the bank card, he looked and it was missing… €600 was taken out of the ATM before he could stop payment on the card…

    Apparently while he was paying someone watched him enter his PIN, so now their accomplice could throw the money and distract him. As he bends down the thief takes the card from the machine. PIN and card in hand straight to the ATM…

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