Clocks forward this Saturday evening and we still don’t have a definitive conclusion to the twice-yearly changes that should have ended this year

Despite decades of talk and a couple of years of clear policies and promises, it seems that 2021 will continue with the endless change of clocks for spring and autumn. Nearly five million EU citizens responded to an EU consultation in 2018 saying they wanted to stop the clock changes twice a year, and it was proposed that by now, this spring, EU member states would have decided their preferred time zones. None the less, although the EU Commission has tabled that proposal and it’s been revised by the EU Parliament, the EU Council has still not come up with a joint position even two years after the final whistle was blown on making a decision.

This coming Saturday night, therefore, we will join the rest of Spain which will join the rest of Europe in moving our clocks forward an hour in the full expectation that we will again have to move them back come the autumn. I do wish they would sort this out once and for all because I really dislike this unnatural resetting of time twice a year!