Clocks forward tonight as Adeje joins world in marking Earth Hour

It might make little actual difference but it might lighten our spirits a bit in these dark times, literally too, when the evenings start drawing out, as they will from tonight when we turn the clocks forward an hour. In my case, Spring Forward means chaos for a couple of days while I work out which have also adjusted themselves automatically … so there is a woolly two-hour gap in some parts of my house! But tonight, at 2am, we turn forward any of the clocks that don’t do it by themselves, and tomorrow evening it will still be light until around 8.30pm.  

Today too many are celebrating Earth Hour 2020. Adeje Ayuntamiento is one such, and says that the idea is to demonstrate that the earth matters to us and that we are together, that we are part of the solution to combat climate change and try to alleviate the damage to the natural world. As such, the council will be turning off the lights in and outside major buildings and monuments. I know we can’t be there to see it, but we will know it is happening and can all join in the sentiment. There’s more information HERE.

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