It’s only just Spring but “Summer time” starts tomorrow as clocks go forward one hour overnight

Spring might only just have started, and “summertime” is still a couple of months away but as far as the clocks are concerned, summer time is starting, and just as in the UK, clocks in Spain go forward an hour at 2am tonight. I’m looking forward to the lighter evenings, I must say!


  1. It won’t matter to most people but the clocks change at 1:00am in the Canaries, not 2:00am. All of the EU changes at the same time – 1:00 UTC – which is 1:00 GMT/WET, 2:00 CET, and 3:00 EET.

  2. I can’t reach the first link but I think the second is referring to 2:00am CET. Most definitely all EU countries change at the same time – 1:00am GMT (UTC) – which is 1:00am local in the Canaries and 2:00am local on the peninsular. This maintains the time difference between the different time zones, otherwise they would be out of sync for an hour. Here is the legislation:
    (Articles 2 and 3)

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