Coastguard calls for video shorts for a public competition promoting clean seas

Are you fed up of seeing rubbish on the beaches and in the sea? Would you like to do something to help to promote #MaresLimpios (#CleanSeas)? The Coastguard is offering the Coastguard Prizes 2018 for the winning video from submissions filmed by the public. Films should be recorded by video camera or mobile phone and be no more than 40 seconds long, and they should clearly portray good ideas of how to reduce rubbish and promote clean seas – the images in the poster will give the idea. Send your recordings by email to before 3pm on 21 September. Entries will be judged by a technical evaluation committee and the winners will be published on 16 October with prizes of medals handed over in a ceremony to mark the Coastguard’s 25th anniversary before the end of the year. There is more information about the competition rules and regulations HERE (if the page won’t load, remove the “s” from the “https”).

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